Friday, October 1, 2010

David Fulmer "The Blue Door"

the rhythms and music of the city on all facets of this lively thriller in South Philadelphia, where in late 1950 called the music of all cultures, dozens of demonstrations intended, and gave rise to a vibrant music industry. Among the best of the groups was the soul, Excel, led by Johnny Pope in his early twenties when the group reached its cruising speed, and began recording for professional success. Suddenly, in February 1959, minutes after a recording session, Johnny disappeared Pope left his cousin Ray, his friend Tommy Gates and his sister Valerie forever in limbo, the pain of his absence, if not his death.

was his greatest fans have been listening to Eddie Zero, a local welterweight with a huge collection of Doo-Wop, Jump Blues, Rockabilly and Soul, all on vinyl, a collection that hours of fun, fighting and training. Now, three years after the death of Johnny, Eddie Zero is at the end of his career in boxing looking for is not particularly concerned about what to do next,  a man who is ready to give or you can have a stomping still make money.  But when Sal Giambrone, a former police officer, detective set, twenty Dollar offers the monitoring of the work, Eddie, nothing to lose accept the help, temporarily. But soon begins to love the car joband the best apartment that comes with the territory, courtesy of SG confidential investigations. Get your own record is the icing on the cake:  Give a beggar a clipboard,  says Sal,  and yet [is] an official of the main issues at hand.  With a job, a friend of Sal, and a place to go to Eddie's life looking for you.

A quick search on the pasture, which the server is in a club called La Puerta Azul, Eddie directly into the music scene for a meeting with Valerie Pope, Excel before but love sand. Soon Eddie is allowed to Sal to investigate the disappearance of three years, Johnny Pope in his own time, effort, much heavier than Valerie, and their environment when Johnny does not stir up the past.
Gradually, the questions on the surface of Johnny: Who had a contract on the life of Johnny? How to get to Johnny disappears before the contract can be fulfilled? Johnny leaves Excel? What was his relationship with his agents and producers? Johnny starts his own production company? And what happened to the band that recorded the night of his disappearance? When Eddie and Sal monitoring the bread and butter in a student who financed a secret life, a study of their rich parents can continue to spend his free time Eddie trying to get to the bottom of the case of Johnny Pope.

As author David Fulmer again in 1962 in Philadelphia and South, that makes life  happens  is to develop the inner life of Eddie Cero and Sal Giambrone. They are sympathetic characters in the maelstrom of South Philly caught, they can do - not always successfully, but still more to come and deal with what life brings. Fulmer capacity for dialogue in the actual street slang bells imageryof manage single game  swagger operettas olive oil.  As the complexity of the music industry happen sometimes the development of poor quality, and two other murders, Eddie, Sal, and involved the reader deep into South Philadelphia life and the climate of violence that runs parallel to the music, sometimes infused, and sometimes beyond . Fulmer background as a jazz expert and author with his talent for secrecy, which combines a Shamus won, a new insurance so full of soul, that sings Valerie Pope. A terrible secret of the music on what to bring many new fans Fulmer.